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Directions to Playing Sites
Parking is  limited at playing sites - try to get there early


Click the link for the facility directions

F.A.S.T. Complex - Houston Juniors Facility
15400 Hempstead Rd   Houston, TX 77040

Houston Skyline Facility
10510 Westview Drive            Houston, TX 77043

Spike Sport Facility
10914 S Gessner Dr           
Houston, TX  77031-3810

Texas One Facility
1818 First Oaks St.      Richmond, TX

Texas Tornados Facility
8835 Wheat Cross Dr.     Houston, TX

The Edge - TAV Facility
 2733 Rayford Rd       Spring, TX

The Zone
10371 Stella Link        Houston Texas 77025

Willowbrook Sports Complex
12935 Perry Road   Houston, TX  77070-5103