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Selected player information
(Information is subject to change or addition)

Club Fees

12s, 13s, 14s

10s, 11s

Total Fees - $500
can be paid in full at 1st payment date

Total Fees - $300
can be paid in full at 1st payment date

1st payment - $100 December 9th

1st payment - $100 December 9th

2nd payment - $200 January 10th

2nd payment - $100 January 10th

Final Payment - $200 February 1st

Final Payment - $100 February 1st

Club fees pay for
* Tournament Team Entry fees
* Competition Uniform Jersey                        * Competition socks
* Participant sweatshirt                                  * Participant t-shirt
* Practice coaching fees                                 * Tournament coaching fees
* Club web site fees                                       * Equipment 


12s, 13s, 14s           Sunday afternoons for 2 hours 1:00 3:00
                                    Tuesday evenings for 1 hours 6:00 7:30 or 7:30 9:00

10s, 11s                    Sunday afternoons for 2 hours 1:00 3:00



* Each team is scheduled to compete in 6 tournaments (subject to change)      12s, 13s, 14s
* Each team is scheduled to compete in 4 tournaments (subject to change)      10s, 11s    
* Tournaments will be schedule for a Saturday or Sunday competition day
* Tournaments are 1 day only
* Specific tournament information will be provided as soon as the tournament committees post
           the information on their web sites.
* Information for the tournaments will be given to team members either at the practice or on the
           ACE web site

Participants must provide
* Competition black spandex shorts                                                  * Kneepads
* Practice attire (shoes, socks, kneepads, shorts, shirts)                   * Court shoes
* Food for team at tournaments   (as a team or individually)
* Transportation to and from tournaments and practices

* Information for practices and tournaments will be given at practices
* Information also posted up to date on the club web site
            www.austincountyvolleyball.com                 ace@austincountyvolleyball.com
* Web Site is frequently updated with most current information and schedule. 

This information is as complete as possible.  Other information can be added or changed at a later time.